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Big News for our little space

Big News Ahead!

We have very big news about micro bar & bites, our Internationally inspired tapas bar.

Owners Chef Rod Butters and Audrey Surrao are thrilled to announce that they have sold micro bar & bites to someone very special in their RauDZ Creative Concepts family.  Long term restaurant manager, Kaidi Richardson has purchased the business and will be continuing the legacy of this small bites, creatively simple cocktail space.  Chef Butters and Audrey will continue to provide mentorship and support to Kaidi as she takes this exciting step in her career.

Kaidi has been working at micro bar & bites since 2015 and has become an integral part of the bar’s culture and success with a deep passion for creating welcoming and enjoyable experiences for her guests.  With the support of Butters and Surrao, Kaidi is excited to continue to develop micro as THE cocktail destination in Kelowna’s downtown core.  “We are very proud of what we have built here at micro and know that Kaidi has the passion, dedication and talent to continue the legacy we have built over the years” shares Butters and Surrao. The business will officially change hands on March 31.

RauDZ Creative Concepts (RCC) own/operate a collection of the Okanagan Valley’s premier dining venues and are recognized as industry leaders.  Award winning farm-to-table restaurant RauDZ Regional Table, a twist on the retro diner Sunny’s a modern diner and The Okanagan Table – kitchen | events | catering all located in downtown Kelowna.  RCC co-owner Chef Rod Butters published the cookbook ‘The Okanagan Table: The Art of Everyday Home Cooking’ in summer 2017 winning both national and international awards while becoming a Canadian bestseller.