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micro Menu


Join us from 2 – 5 pm daily for our Happy Hour!
Warm Olives$6
Bacon and Cheddar Risotto$14
green peas, winter greens, preserved cherry tomato
garlic, almonds, lemon oil, Parmigiano-Reggiano
Albacore Tuna$17
seared albacore tuna, cucumber, tahini, pine nuts, sesame
Grilled Octopus$18
sazon fried chickpeas, pico de gallo
Roasted Bone Marrow$16
sherry vinaigrette, brassica slaw, snap bread
ADD fino sherry or bourbon luge $7
Oysters$2.50 each
Jon Crofts of Codfathers selects these just for us! Shucked fresh, served with mignonette, house made hot sauce, horseradish or fresh lemon
Polenta Gnocchi$13
fennel cream sauce, buttercup squash and pernod sofrito
micro Poutine$12
handcut fries, mushroom gravy, smoked mushrooms, cheese curds
Classic Gilda$3 each
marinated white anchovies, green olives, cornichon
Seafood Boil$19
steamed in IPA, tangerine rouille, toasted baguette
Crispy Pork Belly$14
Boaris lardo, escalivada of bell peppers, tarragon hummus
Chicken Brochette ‘Taco’$7 each
bourbon peanut sauce, local ginger, cabbage slaw


Jamon Iberico de Belotta$16 / 25g
cured 36 months, acorn fed, hand carved to order
Italian beechwood smoked ham
Prosciutto San Daniele Del Friuli$9
24 month aged prosciutto
Chefs Selection$22
charcuterie board
Chicken Liver Parfait$9
Spanish sherry
Sopressa Veneta$8
coarse garlic salami
Soria Chorizo$8
free range pork, spicy cured salami


OKANAGANFarmhouse Kabritt$7
firm, 6 month, goat’s milk
UKSomerdale Champagne Cheddar$8
semi-firm, cow’s milk, aged in French champagne
Chefs Selection$20
cheese board
ITALYFontina Val D’Aosta$9
semi-soft, unpasteurized cow’s milk
soft, cow’s milk, blue vein


Okanagan Grocery Artisan Loaf$7
Portuguese olive oil, balsamic
House made pickles$4
curried ketchup, raita
duck fat, rosemary, True North sea salt


Okanagan Noir Chocolate Custard$7
traditional Spanish flan, dark chocolate