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micro Menu


Join us from 2 – 5 pm daily for our Happy Hour!
Warm Olives$6
micro Poutine$12
hand cut fries, mushroom gravy, smoked mushrooms, cheese curds
Fried Soy Beans$4
sazon, yuzu
Dates and Blue Cheese$8
local blue cheese, warm dates, sticky pudding, sherry gastrique
Smashed Potatoes$9
herbed sour cream, pickled potato, Boaris pancetta, scallion, parmesan
Fried Cauliflower$13
herb pistou, sherry sultana raisins, za'atar, manchego cheese, cashew butter
Fresh Oysters$2.50 each
Jon Crofts of Codfathers selects these just for us! Shucked fresh, served with mignonette, house made hot sauce, horseradish or fresh lemon
Spanish bouquerone white anchovies, parsley and garlic
Grilled Humboldt Squid$12
espelette salt, fried onion rings
Seafood Cannelloni$14
rolled lasagna, puttanesca sauce, herb salad
Roasted Bone Marrow$16
sherry vinaigrette, greens, snap bread
Add fino sherry or bourbon luge. $7
Chicken Wings$14
piri piri sauce, preserved lemon curd, pickled cucumber
Smoked Chorizo$11
house made chorizo, cannellini beans, tomato bacon broth
Bison Flank Steak$17
chimmichurri, potato puffs, sourdough toast


Jamon Iberico de Belotta$16 / 25g
cured 36 months, acorn fed, hand carved to order
Smoked Chicken Schmaltz$8
spiced and hardwood smoked chicken spread
Porchetta d'Arriccia$8
Roman style cold roasted pork with herbs
Beef Bresaola$9
dry cured shaved beef
Tuscan Salami$7
fermented pork salami


Sardinia, ITALYPecorino Sardo Fiore DOP$9
lightly smoked, firm, sheep milk
UKSomerdale Champagne Cheddar$8
semi-firm, cow’s milk, aged in French champagne
Chefs Selection$20
cheese board
FRANCEPort Salut$8
semi-soft, cow’s milk
semi-firm, cow's milk, blue vein


Okanagan Grocery Artisan Loaf$7
Portuguese olive oil, Okanagan fruit vinegar
House made pickles$4
sazon spiced, parmesan and roasted garlic aioli, BNA stout ketchup
duck fat, rosemary, True North sea salt